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  • Services
    • The company’s focus is on virtual servers, VPS/VDS. Thus, we provide a wide range of services – from virtualization and hosting to cloud computing – and guarantee that your websites and apps are always online.

      The goal of AvanPad is to maintain seamless operation of your websites and applications. That is why, we offer unrivaled services in terms of accessibility, scalability, stability of operation, and support.

      Choose VPS/VDS provided by AvanPad and find out about good quality, loyalty and impeccable service.

      OpenVZ VPS

      1. Full root access to OS
      2. Withstand high loads
      3. The choice of the different distributions
      4. Very reliable system
  • Optimal Accessibility
    • Choose a location for your website or service.

      Our datacenters are situated in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Nuremberg (Germany) and Kiev (Ukraine) and serviced by the largest and most reliable telecommunication companies in Europe.

      Each datacenter is connected to Europe’s main traffic exchange points (DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, UA-IX). That’s why, we guarantee 24/7 accessibility in EU, CIS, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and India.

      Our facilities are connected to data channels of U.S. best providers (AboveNet, MCI), and we can proudly say that your websites and services will be online and enjoy high connection speed for most users.

  • Support
    • Work with us is convenient!

      Our support team works relentlessly 24/7 365 days per year. Our professionals are polite, detail-focused, result-oriented and always ready to answer your questions.

      We’re easy to work with. So, if you have any problems with your websites and services placed on our platforms, don’t shy to contact us. We guarantee impeccable support service.

      Contact us
  • Scalability
    • Increase or decrease operational resources easily without having to stop the virtual server. Adapt your hardware quick and easy. Don’t waste precious time and money – let your websites and services operate hassle-free!

      Choose a highly reliable solution and don’t spend money on expensive systems. To balance the load or decentralize entry points, we can offer a cloud option for your high-loaded projects.

      We offer high-end features to satisfy the needs of your business and are ready to walk the extra mile to dynamically adapt our platforms to your needs.

  • Open standards
    • We rely on open source software to:

      • • Make sure that solutions we offer to our clients are the latest, cutting-edge technology;
      • • Cut expenses of our clients (no need to pay for expensive proprietary licenses);
      • • Make businesses of our clients more successful and lucrative.
    • Our software solutions are stable and secure because we use the code of the highest quality. We ensure that our solutions are bug-free and work impeccably to satisfy your needs. We’re always welcome for your feedback.

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