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Frequently Asked Questions

Our servers

How to become our client?

How to become our client?

First off, have a look at the full list of our services and select a tariff plan you’d like to use.
Then, you need to register on our website and pay the order:

Don’t have a domain name? We can register it for you. In case you have a registered domain name and you want to move it to our hosting, you need to do the following:
– register on our website;
– top up your account balance to pay for the virtual server (based on the selected tariff plan);
– contact our support team to move the domain (
Also, you can install DirectAdmin or ISPManager to configure DNS and web/ftp/mail services on your virtual server.

After you’ve paid the order, we will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to implement necessary settings.

You can top up your account balance, using:

The tariff plan will be activated in about 15 minutes since you’ve topped up your account balance. To note, all the instructions on how to implement necessary settings will be sent to your email. That is why, it is necessary that you type in your actual email when registering.

In case you need help to implement the settings or move the database from your previous provider, you can contact our support team. The service is paid.

Have any questions? Write to us, using the following email:, or phone us by:

We are looking forward to helping you out!

Do you provide test accounts?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We don’t work with test accounts.

Can I use non-existent contact info instead of my real one in the account panel?

We don’t provide services to anonymous users. If your registration info differs from your real one, your account won’t be activated in the first place, or frozen afterwards.


How can I pay for your services?

The following payment options are available: WebMoney, PayPal (via 2CheckOut), credit card.
If you have any issues paying for our services, contact our Support Center. We work 24/7.

Where and how can I select WebMoney as a desired payment method when registering?

It is easy. You just need to select WebMoney (WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU) as a desired payment method when registering. After you have registered, you will be automatically transferred to You will be able to pay the order there.

To note, to successfully pay the order using WebMoney, you need to use a browser with WebMoney’s pre-installed root certificate. Have no idea how to set up the certificate? Check out for info here:

How can I top up my account balance?

To top up your account balance, go to your account → Billing. There you will see a form “My Balance”.
payment form

Just fill in the sum, select payment method and press “Top Up”. Then, you will be transferred to a previously selected pay service’s website where you will be able to process payment. After the payment is received, you account balance will be topped up immediately.

Is it possible to pay the order with a direct money order if I don’t want to use

Yes, it is possible. You can pay with the direct money order. Our wallet: Z238498465263. To note, don’t forget to specify User name, set up a protection code and notify our support team about the payment. Our support should confirm that the payment is received.

Requested goods and services are not provided by order of any private individual or legal entity which use WebMoney Transfer. We are an independent company which provides services and independently decides on prices and offers. Businesses that use WebMoney Transfer don’t receive payment or commission of any kind from us and, therefore, are not responsible for our actions and deeds. WebMoney Transfer only checks our requisites to confirm our identity and to be able to contact us in an effective manner. The checking procedure is initiated by Avanpad – we are not connected with operators of WebMoney System.

I couldn’t talk to Technical support when purchasing VPS/VDS. How can I find out if I paid or not?

If your payment is processed, your account will be activated and you’ll receive an activation letter with access information on your email.
Also, you’ll be able to go to Billing and check out how much money you have on your balance. (See above to learn how to top up your account balance)

Is partial payment option viable for your VPS services?

Payment periods are the same to all users. You cannot pay for a week of using VDS – only monthly payments are acceptable.

What should I write in the description of payment when paying for a selected service?

You need to include your login (user name) only.

When will I receive access info after having purchased the plan?

You’ll receive account activation email in about 15 minutes after you’ve paid for the selected plan. VDS will be installed in half an hour automatically.

Can I have my money back? How?

If you’ve paid for VDS, we won’t return money for current billing period. Yet, if the sum on your account exceeds what you should pay for the current billing period, we’ll return the difference (we charge commission fee, though).
Note: if your account was blocked or deleted because you violated terms of use (complaints, prohibited content, etc.), we won’t return money.
Also, we don’t return money for installed admin panels, settings for VDS, paid consulting services, etc.


How is traffic accounted for (inbound, outbound, total)?

We count only total traffic, in any proportion.

What virtualization technologies do we use?

We support the following virtualization technologies:
– OpenVZ

How much does it cost to reinstall server or panel?

We’re ready to reinstall your server and panel for the first time free of charge. Yet, if you need to reinstall either server or panel again, it’ll cost you $5 each.

Why can you freeze or delete my account?

If you fail to pay for provided services within three days after your billing period is over, your account will be frozen. You’ll receive a notification on your email.
Your account will be blocked or deleted in, but not prior, seven days after it gets frozen. Also, your account can be blocked if:
– someone leaves a complaint about it
– you use prohibited content (See what content is prohibited to host below)
– payment delay.
When account is deleted, any data cannot be restored.
Check out legal requirements for content on our platforms:

What content can’t I host?

Check out our legal requirements for content here:

What content can I host?

You can host any content that it legally allowed on our platforms. Also, the content shouldn’t violate international laws.

Can I host adult content?

You can host anything, except child porno in The Netherlands. You cannot host anything porn-related in Germany.

Do you fix VDS problems for free? Can I have my money back if something goes wrong?

We guarantee that a host server operates perfectly fine from technical point of view, yet if any issues with VPS software arise, you should pay to solve them, including administration and consulting costs, settings, etc.
We don’t return money if something goes wrong with VPS software settings. You should pay to set everything up again. It’s so, because these issues arise through no fault of the provider.


How can I change VPS billing period? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible.

To change VPS billing period, you need to access your account → Virtual servers. Every virtual server has a dropdown box in which you can see its “Payment Period”. You can select a desired billing period there.
billing period

To note, in order to increase a billing period for your VPS, you will need to top up your account balance on the necessary sum. In case you’d like to decrease the billing period, the leftover funds will be saved on your account balance.

How can I change a tariff plan for my VPS?

First off, you need to access your personal account and go to “Virtual Servers”. Next to each VPS/VDS you will see a dropdown box where you can check their tariff plans. It is possible to change the tariff plan for each VPS there.

You will not lose any data if you change a tariff plan for your VPS.

Can I purchase an additional IP from my account? How much does it cost?

Yes, you can do it. The price depends on the currently used tariff plan.

To buy an additional IP, top up your account balance: “Account - Billing - Account Balance - type in the sum - Top Up”. After the payment is received, you can add a new IP. Access your personal account → Virtual Servers → IP Addresses.

maange ip addresses

Then, press on “+ Add a new IP”

maange ip addresses

How can I order a control panel for VPS/VDS?

To order a selected control panel, you should contact our Technical support. They’ll proceed with the installation as soon as you top up your account balance.
Note: you’ll need to pay for your control panel monthly. Ensure you have enough money on your account. It’s possible to purchase a lifetime license too.
Check out Vistural Server page to learn more.

Do you provide subdomains and temporary domains?

We don’t provide subdomains but provide temporary domains for existing ones for the period of DNS updating (72 hours at max).

ow can I restart VPS from my account?

Access your personal account → Virtual Servers. In the list of virtual servers you will find a button “Restart”. If you press it, you will restart your VPS.

reboot VPS

How can I reinstall OS from my account?

Yes, you can. You need to go to your account → Virtual Servers and press “Reinstall OS”. Then, you will see a list of available operational systems:

Just select the one you need and press “Employ”. Wait a bit until the OS is reinstalled.

It is possible to have a look at VPS statistics in my account?

You can check out VPS main statistics such as CPU, RAM, HDD, NET in your personal account. It is shown in real time:
resources online

You can also check out history. Press on the lens sign next to a resource to access it.
resources online

You can also edit resource limits from your account in real time.

How can I manage VPS (KVM)?

You can manage your virtual machine using VNC panel.

After you have installed the OS to KVM VPS, go to installed VNC panel of the virtual server:

You can install Desktop Environment (xfce4, gnome) and manage your VPS with your mouse and keyboard.

Techical support VPS

Which kernel version do you use on your VPS?

OpenVZ версия 2.6.18
KVM версия ядра зависит от установленной ОС

OpenSUSE 13.1 - 3.11.6
Debian 7 - 3.16.0
Ubuntu 14.04 - 3.13.0
CentOS 6 - 2.6.32

What should I write in “Host name of virtual server” field?

The host name of virtual server is your hostname, that is, the main domain name of your server. You can fill in the name of your domain or any other combination (e.g.

What should I do if I need an IP from another subnet?

Each server has only one VLAN. Therefore, if you need to use IP from another subnet, you’ll have to purchase two VDS on two different servers.

What should I do on VPS to upload files to FTP?

You should install or start FTP server using vsftpd or proftpd and then create a new user in the system. It’s necessary because you’ll need to access FTP using this data.

Can I have nat on VPS?

Yes, it’s possible. See iptables/tun/tap.

Can I use OpenVPN on VPS?

Sure, but you’ll need to get proper settings.
Installation of OpenVPN + NAT + 1-mode server costs 30 euros (1 client).
Installation of OpenVPN + NAT + 1-mode server costs 50 euros (numerous clients).
We don’t provide consulting services considering a client’s side. We provide server-related services only.

What should I do to configure FTP access and MySQL on VPS/VDS?

You’ll have to install necessary packages with yum (yum install mysql-server) and then adjust the DB to your needs.
Access SSH in order to install packages using the command line. You can do it by means of utility yum: yum install vsftpd.
Note: it’s preferable to use DirectAdmin or ISPmanager control panels. They’re easier to use and can solve any issue arising when working with VDS.

Does your VPS support PHP and MySQL?

You can install any packages of PHP or MySQL any time you want. VPS doesn’t differ much from a dedicated server, that is, it has fully-fledged root access and all its features.

How can I create MySQL DB?

You can do it manually, or using PHPMyAdmin free of charge. Yet, you’ll need to have Apache Web server with running PHP installed.
Note: if you have any problems with VDS administration, we advise that you purchase DirectAdmin or ISPManager control panels. They’re easy to use and will help you a lot.

What CPU frequency can you guarantee? Are there any restrictions?

If you use VPS, there aren’t any restrictions. High loads are equally distributed between all servers to guarantee seamless operation of your websites and apps.
Basically, CPU frequency isn’t limited as on Xen.

What controls panels do you offer? Is it possible to organize hosting on VDS?

Sure. You can organize hosting on VDs any time you want. For this end, we provide the following control panels:
– WebMin. This web-based control panel is ideal for Unix-based administration. With its help you can set up user account, Apache, DNS, open file access through a network. With WebMin you can also edit Unix configuration files such as/etc/passw manually, control the system remotely, set crontab, and many more. Yet, it’s hardly a preferable solution if you’re not familiar with Linux.
– ISPmanager. This web-based control panel is great to control and manage server(s). Server management with it is easy and doesn’t require any special admin skills. Built on hierarchical system that allows providing access to different users quick and easy.
– DirectAdmin. This panel is easy to use and less demanding in terms of allocated resources. An ideal solution for non-professional admin users.
Learn more about each control panel on Virtual Server page.

Do you provide any support info for WebMin?

You can check out fully-fledged support info about WebMin here:

Is it possible to organize hosting using WebMin? Is it easy?

It’s possible, yet it’s not very easy. WebMin is a control panel recommended for experienced UNIX and Linux users. More than that, it’s not very adapted for hosting purposes. If you need to organize hosting, we advise that you choose DirectAdmin.

Do you provide any support info for DirectAdmin?

You can check out fully-fledged support info about WebMin here:
and here:

Is DirectAdmin somehow better than WebMin?

WebMin is a control panel for experienced admin professionals. It’s very good at solving routine issues, yet not perfect for hosting and commercial application purposes. You should be good at Linux and UNIX too.
Meanwhile, DirectAdmin is great for hosting purposes. It’s easy to use and will be a perfect solution if you don’t know much about Linux. Also, it’s better in managing numerous websites and saving memory.

Is it possible to use DirectAdmin, then ISPmanager, and then DirectAdmin again?

Unfortunately, the control panels aren’t compatible. In theory, it’s possible to move your account from one panel to the other, yet it’s not easy and should be done manually.

Can I purchase and use a VPS/VDS without using a control panel?

It’s possible (contact our Technical support to learn how), yet not recommended unless you’re an experienced Linux/*NIX user. We recommend purchasing a control panel even you’re a professional, though. With its help, you’ll manage VDS much better and quicker.

How can I install PHP 5 on VDS?

By default, PHP 4 is installed (Linux distribution kit – CentOS 4.4). You can install any PHP version, though. You should do the following:
– Open file/etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo. Any editor will do just fine.
– Replace “enabled=0” to “enabled=1” in the following string:
name=CentOS-$releasever – Plus
– Write your updated PHP and press “Enter”.

How can I restart MySQL DB?

You can use the following commands:
service mysqld start
service mysqld stop
service mysqld restart

What is the difference between OpenVZ and KVM?

Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a specific programmatic solution that allows virtualizing Linux environment. It is open source and supported by HP, Red Hat, IBM, INTEL, etc.

The main advantages of KVM are the following: each server has its own allocated memory on the disk – it makes the operation of all virtual systems more reliable. More than that, one can’t allocate more resources on this or that virtual machine than needed. (The resources will be allocated between different machines, which is a mistake found by lots of hosters.)

Also, it is possible to install a specifically modified kernel for each system to improve its performance in covering specific needs.

The complete emulation of the network card guarantees that different protocols are supported perfectly well. All network screens operate fine, too.

One can use Linux-based OS, as well as Windows-related ones, as guest machines. Of course, you need to have licenses to do it.

The support of the VNC protocol on the base level (including DIOS) allows emulating the operation as if you were just at the screen.

OpenVZ is a nice technology that is based on Linux-based OS. It means that one can fire up isolated copies of the operational system easily – VPS.

As opposed to KVM, all guest machines utilize one big kernel. It means that the system is a bit constrained.

The main advantage of OpenVZ is that it allows allocating resources between different guest virtual machines dynamically and giving every server the resources it really needs.

Yet, one should not forget about OpenVZ’s main disadvantage – the low speed of disk operation. The system’s kernel controls each query to the disk system and checks if it fits the quota for this VPS. Each query takes time to process, and it slows the whole system considerably.

Also, some features of OpenVZ lead to crashes, limit its performance and the list of available guest systems.

Which guest operating systems do you use?

CentOS 5
CentOS 4
Debian 6
Debian 7
Ubuntu 14.04
Fedora 20

CentOS 6
Suse 13.1
Ubuntu 14.04
Debian 7



Should I register the domain right away, or can I do it later?

We don’t provide DNS hosting. You can move your domain by contacting our support center.

You can set up DNS services on our virtual server by yourself, or with the help of our support team.

Is it possible to register domains with the help of other administrator and then just add them to my account?

Yes, it is possible.
To add domains, contact our support team. Our professionals will order your domain and then move it to the virtual server.

When do my domains go live?

If you’ve registered .biz or .info domains, they’ll be accessible in two hours; other domains will go life in 24-72 hours. It depends on how fast DNS data gets updated all over the world.

Настройка домена пользователя. Какие NS-сервера нужно указывать у регистратора?

Мы не предоставляем NS-сервера для доменов пользователей. Если вы хотите настроить хостинг от для работы с вашим доменом, то Вам необходимо позаботиться о его поддержке на NS-серверах регистратора. Или просто зарегистрировать этот домен у любого регистратора доменных имен. После того, как домен будет поддерживаться на чьих-либо NS-серверах, вам нужно установить для его IN A запись в соответствии с айпи виртуального сервера, на котором расположен ваш сайт.

Если вы регистрировали домен без нашей помощи, то за помощью в настройке IN A записи домена обращайтесь к своему регистратору - мы в этом вам ничем помочь не можем, т.к. не имеем доступа к вашему домену.

Заметим, что изменения IN A записей занимает значительное время - обычно около 1 суток.

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